"We Provide Services and You Get Results"




At Crosby & Kline Hospitality we will work with you to provide a safe and clean environment for your staff and guest. We believe in creating an atmosphere that welcomes city and county officials and regulations by creating and providing structure within your team.
C&K Hospitality ultimate goal is to work with each owner to maximize revenue M-T-D and
Y-T-D. With innovation in mind we think of creative solutions to day to day issues that arise; ranging from but not limited to: guest and staff relations, managing cost, marketing ideas, policies, or safety and security.
It is our mission to provide the best service and product available within your budget. We believe your goals are obtainable let us help you reach them.
 Our Services
Analysis of Financials

Strategic Planning

Preparation & Enforcement of Hotelier Standard Operating Manuals

Preparation of Budgets

Preparation & Enforcement of  Policy and Procedures
Crosby and Kline like to perform without limitations if we see it we are prepared to remedy the issue. Steamlinging is in our DNA; you can count on us to make your life more enjoyable as we handle the operational aspects of your company.
Meeting your business needs.

Making your Ideas a Reality